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A word of thanks. Shoulder issues are painful and seems I had lots of them. Detached tendon, rotator cuff tear and 5 additional tears on the right. Rotator cuff and bicep tendon tears on the left among other problems. In December the ortho doc said surgery was immediately necessary. Wasn’t happy with that prognosis. I went to a therapist who started on the basic strengthening methods. Three weeks later I had Raj take over. Shoulders are not perfect but the discomfort went from a level 9 (I have a pretty high pain tolerance) to less than a 1. Life is good. No meds, no pain, considerable strength and excellent range of motion in both shoulders. Would it have been better with surgery? Who knows but that’s a nightmare recovery.

Raj knew when to say stop when I would get too aggressive. He studied the problem and had the patience to figure out the right strengthening techniques (If you have ever seen him in different positions and doing strange excersizes he’s probably experimenting on something for one of his “broken” clients). Hate to admit but I am one of those people.

I LOVE havinig Raj in my life and knowing he’s there. He has quickly fixed multiple back, foot, knee, neck and toe problems when the medical world only wanted to provide shots. You might say I’m Raj’s gift that keeps on giving.

You da man, Raj and I give thanks daily for your help.

— Joel Cohen (March 28, 2018)


Raj has helped me lose weight, build muscle, and improve my balance and flexibility. He incorporates cardio, weight lifting, TRX, and boxing into my workout sessions. No matter what your age or fitness level, you will get results with Raj. He is patient and will gradually push you to achieve your goals. Raj will customize a fitness plan designed for your needs. In addition, his work out sessions help relieve stress. I can’t give a more positive recommendation.

— Jamie H. (January 9, 2018)


Raj is an exceptionally talented personal trainer – one who incorporates his knowledge of the body’s mechanics in his training sessions and one who truly takes a personal interest in his clients’ overall health and well being.  Over the past four years, Raj has shown me countless exercises and stretches that have significantly reduced the tension in my neck and back, which has increased the quality of my every day life.  Perhaps more significantly, Raj has been patient in working to correct my knees so that I can avoid surgery and other serious knee issues later in life.

Training with Raj has opened my eyes to the absolute need to exercise with a qualified personal trainer.  Prior to meeting Raj, I operated under the false impression that simple stretches and cardio at the gym would keep me fit.  I didn’t appreciate that the body needed specialized attention to build muscle, lose weight, and avoid injuries.  A mere 30 minutes with Raj is equivalent to multiple hours at the gym without Raj’s supervision.  With time so scarce and valuable these days, I would highly recommend investing in your health by training with Raj and saving yourself the unproductive hours at the gym.  It will pay off many times over and you will be thanking yourself and Raj before you know it!

— Jennifer C. (January 9, 2018)


Thank you, Biren Raj Acharya. After spending a good 8 weeks with you at your gym helping me get back in shape and heal an injured knee, I feel the strongest I have felt in a long time. I had an injured left knee that I found hard to walk on unless I wrapped it every day. The awkward walking was causing me lower back pain and my right knee was suffering. I believe I achieved much greater results working with you than I would have had I worked with a Physical Therapist and Chiropractor. You also gave me tools that I could do at home to further increase my fitness level and strength. Losing nagging 15 pounds was also a bonus! I highly recommend you to anyone else who is suffering from joint and/or back pain. I feel truly blessed to know you!

Cassandra Johnson (December 10, 2017)


I first heard about Raj from a friend of mine who was a long-time client.  It was very interesting to me because I knew I needed to do more than I was doing, but I did not know where to start.   I had been taking yoga for over a decade and for a few years had been a member of a fitness center with a circuit of weight training equipment.   

But my friend told me two things that dissuaded me from considering a meeting with Raj.  One was that Raj was extremely busy with a large list of clients and thus it was nearly impossible to get an appointment with him.  The second was that he was expensive.  Being a retired secretary that alone was enough to prevent my asking any further.

My friends, though, all observed that in spite of the yoga and circuit training  I was clearly deteriorating.   This from the combined effects of fibromyalgia and arthritis.  And so one day out of the blue, the friend phoned and asked would I like him to get me an appointment with Raj.  I did not hesitate.  I did not hem and haw or wonder could I afford it, how convenient or inconvenient would it be.  I was fairly desperate and agreed immediately.

I have been with Raj, twice a week, ever since (five and a half years).  Working with him my physical condition is so improved that I have managed to stave off hip and knee replacement surgery.  When a physician said “hip replacement” to me I went running to Raj.  Seeing the x-ray report, he changed his program for me to address that newly revealed issue.  Within a very few weeks, two or three, I began to experience relief from the pain caused by the hip problem and that relief continued until after a year or two I hardy even thought of my hip at all.  

I am convinced that had I not begun working with Raj, because of the arthritis and fibromyalgia I would now be a semi-invalid.

— T.Macintosh (August 2017)


Thank you Raj for being such a dedicated coach. I’m learning a lot from you and I’ll do my best to not disappoint you. My aim is to have the body like yours, without fat. 😉 And with you as a coach I know I’ll get there.

— Paula Nadler (June 2017)


Raj is the absolute best! Kind, compassionate, and a good friend. I feel blessed to be one of his clients! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me!

— Leslie Malm (June 2017)


Hi Raj, thought I’d share the good news with you. Just saw my hip surgeon and he said my hip is the best it’s ever been since my car accident. He attributes my recovery to our training. He doesn’t need to see me again unless something comes up. This is a huge achievement as I’ve seen him almost every month or so for 5 years! I’m thrilled!! Thanks for all your help with my recovery. It has changed my life!

— Karen Stottlemyer  Koehl (April 2017)


Raj has improved my fitness in many ways – weight loss, balance, cardio, core, flexibility, strength training, and boxing. He’s a great personal trainer who really works on specific areas for each client. Raj also offers a fun group class for people of all ages. If you do the work, you will get results.

— Jamie Hamlin


I started working with Raj after having had hip replacement surgery. I had been in pain for a while and out of shape. In less than 6 months, he has gotten me to a new functional level. He shows me that he really cares about my progress. His understanding of how the body works, makes his training unique. It is not about repetition, since he customizes every session, based on your needs and progress. Thanks, Raj!

— Beatriz Casals (April 11, 2017)


Raj is an excellent and a ‘Result Oriented’ trainer. I could see transformational results in the very 3rd week. He can get the max out of an individual in just 30 minutes. I would highly recommend engaging Raj as your fitness trainer.

— Chetan Mehta (March 12, 2017)


I have had a wonderful experience so far with Raj. Yes there is a bit of torture involved in these beginning stages but I guess if there’s no pain there’s no gain 🙂

I am hooked and get up each early morning to do my stretches to get off to a great start for the day and end it the same way. This is what I’ve been needing for so long and didn’t even realized it!!!

Thanks Raj!!!!!!!!!!

— Christine Geraldo (January  26, 2017)



I’m good. Really good. 7 months ago my left knee was replaced. It went very well getting  back to life quickly. But there were nagging pains and degrees of soreness. Therapy was good early on to get range of motion but to get over the nagging, uncomfortable pains needed more. The best decision was to put myself into your hands. Pushing through your tough and painful deep tissue massages and your well researched PT was the best choice I made. And I had days that I wondered how the hurt could possibly make things better.

Today I am 99% perfect. Your knowledge and strength has worked. I did 50 box jumps yesterday with no pain afterward. Your skill, knowledge and dedication made it right. I always believed in you but the results are awesome.  As I get older (and I’m getting up there) it is clear that you are key to my aging process.

You pushed me even when you were in trouble with pain in your back but you still persevered.

Thank you!!!

Now, on to fix the rest of the broken parts.

— Joel Cohen (December 5, 2016)


I wanted to make a special effort to thank Raj for working us into his schedule this last weekend for four separate visits to initiate what I am now certain will be a long term, long  distance relationship. At the insistence of my sons and their brides we flew in to DC from Chicago to give Raj a try at helping me with my flexibility and specific muscle group strengthening. I entered into this somewhat skeptical that I even had much muscle weakness and maybe a little stiffness that just always chases a bicyclist through the riding season. WRONG. Almost as soon as we walked in he had spotted several limited range of motion issues and also identified my back weakness that had grown into postural aches and pains. In just the first session he had released muscles in my gastrocs to the point that I no longer woke up with lower leg stiffness that had forced me to make stretching of those muscles (the wrong way) to allow me to function for the rest of the day.

By the time we left yesterday he had opened up my back, helped me find ways to properly activate my hamstrings to gain some strength that could oppose my quads and strengthen my core properly.

Kathy, my wife, who is a physical therapist was just amazed at the working knowledge Raj has of muscles and body structure.

I just know I feel the best I’ve felt in years. I had long ago just presumed that my aches and pains were just a part of the aging process that I needed to push through to try to keep some level of fitness and good health. WRONG AGAIN.

But thanks to Raj I am moving more smoothly and without pain. I will continue to use these techniques taught to us by him and look forward to getting back to DC for further instruction from my friend Raj.

Raj has a special skill and is blessed with the ability to perceive and correct those failings that we too often assume are beyond our control.

Everyone should experience Raj and gain greater vitality.

— Lee and Kathy McLaughlin  (November 17, 2016)

I’ve been working with Raj twice a week for the past two months and he has changed my life. He’s the best trainer EVER. I needed to recover from pain after cancer surgery and lose weight so the cancer won’t come back. Despite being completely out of shape and in my 60s, Raj met me where I was and has given me his best every time. He assessed my limited ability and started slowly with a customized combination of physical therapy, deep tissue massage, stretching, rolling, strength training and cardio – along with many talks about food as medicine and what/how to eat to be healthy – there are no diets, only food! No lectures, no judgment, just information. He has pushed me hard, right to the limit of my abilities, but has never hurt me. I even had a sciatica flareup for a few weeks after a long period of sitting and he modified my workout until we could stretch/roll it away. Along with all this expert skill customized for each client, what makes Raj so special is his patience and dedication to your success. I’d work out with him every day if I could. If you’re older, or unusually broken, or think surgery is the only answer, or unsure if you could ever do what must be done to get healthy – just call Raj. He’ll fix you, I promise. And if you’re already in great shape and want to see how far you can go, watch out! Raj can get you there. He is THE BEST.

— Gary Clemmons (October 8, 2016)

It seems like magic (OK, and some hard work): after 16 years of problems with my IT band: all pain is gone and I don’t even think about it anymore when going running. After 1 year of shoulder spasm: all pain gone. My posture is straight and proud and my core is strengthened. Raj uses a unique combination of strength and weight training, stretching, deep tissue massage and nutrition consultation for an individualized – and never boring – training program. In addition to that, it is just fun to work out with such a patient, fun, compassionate and knowledgeable trainer.

— Claudia Ender (June 8, 2016)


Raj has “put me back together” three times: broken leg, car accident, and (the worst!) 30 plus years of sitting at a desk! Feeling better and sleeping great!!!

— Lesa P. Scott (June 15, 2016)


One of the best trainer  I have ever seen. I am suffering of my back pain since 3 years . When I meet with him all pain has been gone as a magic. Wounderful !! Life is great.

— Mountain Flyers Paragliding Pokhara (May 18, 2016)


I have had a really bad experience with a personal trainer from another well-known gym, which led to an almost torn rotator cuff and a stress fracture on the shin of my left leg. Doctors told me to prepare for surgery. Luckily, I consulted with Raj first and he said that surgery can certainly be avoided if I undergo a recovery workout program with him. He is by far the most knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate personal trainer I’ve ever met. Even after my very first workout with him my pain drastically decreased and now I can manage walking and bending my knee with ease. I look forward to only working out with Raj from now on, especially knowing how many people he has helped in the past. Well, he can now add me to that number. I am so glad I’ve come to know the best trainer in the DC area and I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me. I highly recommend his services to anyone who feels hopeless at this time. All you need is a 10 min talk with Raj and he will change your life. I guarantee it!

— Daniela Pavlova (October 8, 2015)


Raj is an amazing trainer and person. He is passionate about taking very good care of you in every aspect of life. He inspires you to believe that it can happen, and then he delivers on his commitment.

Today I weigh 190 and can do anything I want, including riding century events on my bike. 18 months ago, I was at 230 and would get winded climbing the stairs. It has been an incredible journey. Looking forward to more.

— Stan Harrell (August 21, 2015)


Raj definitely knows what he’s talking about. He understands how health and fitness is a whole body thing. I see Raj for physical therapy for my knee, but he doesn’t just help my knee. He helps me become more fit from head to toe! He truly wants to see all his clients meet their full potential and he’ll push you to get there!

— Heidi Schurter (August 22, 2015)


Since Biren Raj has been training and working with me I have lost 75 lbs. His ability to design a workout regimen for each of his clients is amazing. I am much stronger and confident because of him. He Cares. He is an inspiration and knows how to motivate you. Raj truly is an expert at identifying a person’s weak areas and is a master at helping each client achieve his or her dreams.

— Marilyn Schinasi (July 20, 2014)


Dear Biren Raj, With all my gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through my pain. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and talent. I really couldn’t have done it without you! I can’t thank you enough. Look forward to more progress. You are the greatest and best. God bless you.

— Azita Sadee (April 6, 2015)


Raj is an amazing talent. An incredible man. You will surely NOT be disappointed in the results from this life investment!

— Albert L. Paolantonio


Wow! awesome trainer and great guy! IDs your weaknesses and then helps you build your strength and confidence.

— Will Dickinson


My name is Robert Dunlap. In December 2013, I was having a knee problem and my daughter suggested I seek assistance from her friend, Raj, who is a fitness trainer. At that time, I weighed 211 pounds. I met with Raj and he talked with me about my knee issue and weight. He then had me do some exercises to evaluate my overall fitness. Over the course of the year, I lost 50 pounds and am in the best physical shape I have known since leaving military service. Raj is a great trainer and has become a good friend.

If you are having a physical issue or just want to improve your fitness, I strongly recommend you come and work with Raj.

— Robert Dunlap